What Are Ceylon Tea Benefits And How To Make It?

Ceylon Tea Benefits

Ceylon tea is a type of tea that is found in Sri Lanka which was called Ceylon in the past. Sri Lanka has a humid and cool environment that favors the production of high-quality tea.

The tea is grown in 7 climatic regions, 2000-ft below sea level or 4000-ft above sea level which makes the tea have an intense reddish color or a light, bright golden color.

The tea produced in Sri Lanka is considered to be one of the cleanest and the best in the world. The Lion Logo found on the Ceylon tea packs shows that the tea is grown, manufactured and packed entirely in Sri Lanka under strict quality standards.

Keep reading to find out what are the ceylon tea benefits and how to make ceylon tea.

There are three types of Ceylon tea.

Ceylon Black Tea

Ceylon Green Tea

Ceylon White Tea

Ceylon black tea has an intense, crisp citrus aroma. It can be used unmixed or in blends.

Ceylon green tea is similar to the green tea we know, except that
the flavor is richer more intense and less delicate.

Ceylon white tea is rare and has a subtle flavor with notes of pine & honey and a golden coppery infusion.

Ceylon Tea Benefits

Ceylon black tea benefits

Ceylon tea antioxidants help fight free radicals that can damage DNA.
These powerful antioxidants can prevent stomach and colon cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer.

Ceylon black tea can also help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure.
The chances of strokes decreases and the circulation of blood increases when you drink at least one cup of Ceylon black tea a day.

You can drink several cups a day to gain benefits like improving mental alertness, learning, memory and information and processing skills according to U.S. National Library of Medicine

You can also use Ceylon black tea to prevent tooth decay and decrease the risk of developing kidney stones. There is a study that shows that women who drink one or more cups of black tea a day, seem to have an 8% lower risk of developing kidney stones.

Ceylon black tea side effects

Black tea can reduce the iron absorption in the body. If you are iron deficient, you should reduce the quantity, and because it contains caffeine, it prevents the body from storing calcium and magnesium.

Ceylon green tea benefits

Ceylon green tea contains a bigger dose of antioxidants than Ceylon black tea. Besides, the benefits already described Ceylon green tea has antiviral, anti-bacterial qualities and can boost your metabolism.
Green tea can help body-weight management according to US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, but it is not suited for weight loss. A study (source) was conducted on 1945 participants that drank green tea, for 12 to 13 weeks and the weight loss results were not significant.

Ceylon green tea side effects

We all know that green tea contains caffeine. By consuming larger quantities, it can cause insomnia, anxiety, irritability, frequent urination or even diarrhea.

Ceylon white tea benefits

Ceylon white tea is very rare and more expensive. It has the same and some extra benefits than those of the Ceylon black tea and Ceylon green tea but with less caffeine and more antioxidants, and is considered to be the healthiest of the three.

Ceylon white tea can prevent depression and helps to reduce anxiety and stress due to the amino acid contained named Theanine (source)

Because it is rich in polyphenols, it can improve digestion and reduce the risk of acid reflux.
It also has anti-inflammatory properties, reducing the risk and pain of arthritis.

Another benefit of white tea is skin protection by slowing the loss of collagen. When you drink white tea regularly, you can protect your skin from aging.

Ceylon Tea Nutritional Value

Ceylon tea has 0 calories and 25mg of potassium, about 1% of the recommended daily intake.

How much Ceylon tea should we drink?

Two cups of tea daily are enough to benefit from all the properties that the tea contains. Some research shows that you can drink up to 5 or 10 cups a day without notable side effects, but if you are sensitive to caffeine you should stick to 1 or 2 cups.
According to a study published by U.S. Food and Drug Administration 150ml (5oz) of tea has 40 to 80mg of caffeine compared to 150ml (5oz) of coffee that has 60 to 150mg of caffeine, so take these facts into consideration when you drink your tea.

Ceylon Tea During Pregnancy

Because Ceylon tea contains caffeine, it is not recommended during pregnancy. Caffeine reaches the developing baby by crossing the placenta and harms the fetus according to American Pregnancy Association.

How To Make Ceylon Tea

1. Heat water to boiling temperature.
2. Use 1 tea bag per cup or 4 tea bags per quart/liter of water.
3. Pour water over tea bags and let it brew for 1½ to 2 minutes. If you
leave it too long, the taste can get bitter.
4. Add honey and lemon for better taste

I hope you enjoy the many Ceylon tea benefits, as I do. When I drink it usually in the morning, it gives me energy it gets me going for the day, and it can also be a good replacement for coffee. How do you drink your tea, and what kind of tea do you prefer? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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