Nutribullet Pro Review

nutribullet pro review

Juicing became more important in the latest years, and it should be because it can direct you to better nutrition and health. Today we are reviewing Nutribullet Pro product that I like and use for juice, smoothies, soups, dressings, desserts, ice creams, dips, and sauces.
The Nutribullet Pro is very well known for its properties of extracting all the nutrients from vegetables, fruits or seeds allowing the digestive system to avoid breaking down dense and fibrous foods. By doing this, the digestive system is focusing on absorbing all the extracted nutrients.

– 15-Piece set
– 900-watt motor that extracts all nutrients
– Recipe Book Included
– Easy to Use: Just Push and Twist
– Dishwasher Safe Parts
– Right Price $99.99

– Noisy at about 100 decibels
– If the extractor blade is not screwed on the cup lid properly, it may leak

Key Features

– juicer and blender in the same time
– extracts all nutrients from vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds
– lightweight, powerful, and easy to clean
– 1-year warranty

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Design & Build Quality - 4 of 5 stars

The Nutribullet Pro 900 series includes the base, a 32-ounce cup, approx 950ml, one 24-ounce cup, approx 700ml two blades for different foods, one recipes book and user manual, 1 pocket nutritionist book and various lids for taking your smoothie on the road.

The design has a nice feel, and it has a light gold color, named "Sleek Copper."
The cups and lids are made out of non-toxic BPA-free plastic that does not break easily. They are also microwaving safe.
At normal use, the blades are resistant and in our opinion, gets the job done quite well. According to Consumer Reports, "a blade cracked or broke on two separate units during our durability test, a stress test in which we crush seven large ice cubes 45 times to simulate rigorous use." That didn't happen to us in more than one year of usage.

Extracted Quality & Yield - 5/5

They quality of extracted vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds is excellent, and the consistency is also good. The fact that it breaks down and pulverizes the stems, seeds and skins of whole foods, helps to keep all
the nutrients in your juice or smoothie.

Power & Noise - 4/5

It has a 900 Watt/1.2 horsepower motor that produces 25,000 rotations that are more than needed in most of the cases.
The Nutribullet Pro is noisy at around 100 decibels which are a lot but considering that you won't use it for longer than one minute at a time makes it bearable.

Ease of Use - 5/5

It is easy to use, easy to assemble, compact and it doesn't take much storage space. You only have to make sure it is correctly screwed before starting it.

Cleaning it up - 5/5

Unlike any other juicing products the Nutribullet Pro cleaning is easy.
Each of the BPA-free plastic containers can be easily cleaned by hand in less than 30 seconds or by the dishwasher.

Reliability - 5/5

Overall the Nutribullet Pro is a reliable product that is solid, easy to use and clean, suit to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle.

Price - 5/5

The price tag of $99.99 is fair, and this extractor is worth it. You’re investing in a quality product.

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