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My story

Eating healthy didn’t really mattered to me until I was about 23 years old. I worked long hours, and I started to neglect eating, and by doing that, I kept putting on more and more weight and develop bad eating habits. Only then I decided to search for nutrition advice and so I started to transform my health for the better by eating healthy and taking care of my fitness.
After I got married and had a baby, I began to develop healthy eating and fitness habits for my family and that keeps up happy and in good shape.


Since my daughter was born, I’m always careful about what food I give her because I want to avoid all the unhealthy processed foods and fast food that seem to be all over the place.
It took a long time to get where I am today and want to share with you all my applied knowledge and the principles I live by.

Here at Health Rebound, we are committed to giving you clear, correct and tested health advice that benefits your health.
We will not promote products or pills that are fake or health damaging, advice you to do something that doesn't work or instruct you to buy untested products.

Thank you for taking the time to read and discover our blog.


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Emily Collins

Editor of Health Rebound