Do Essential Oils Lower Blood Pressure?

What essential oils lower blood pressure

Blood pressure can be caused by many factors (source) like poor diet and lack of exercise, but the good news is that we can use natural remedies like essential oils to lower blood pressure.

What are essential oils?

Essential Oils are all those oils which are extracted from the plants and are famous for their fragrance and their therapeutic powers. Some of them can help you reduce stress, anxiety, depression, control your hunger or reduce blood pressure.
Essential oils are not like other oils thick and sticky, most of them are clear as water, and they come in multiple pleasing colors.

What are carrier oils?

Carrier oils are typically plant-based oils also with therapeutic properties that are used to dilute essentials oils. They help us create blends, have fewer restrictions, and they can contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

How To Use Essential Oils?

There are three ways in which you can use these essential oils: aromatically, topically and internally.
You can choose one of the three ways depending on the problem that you have.

The aroma from the essential oils is powerful enough to release good chemicals from our brain and help you to lower blood pressure. It can also reach your lungs and treat other physical diseases.

You can use the oils by applying them directly to your skin. The skin allows the oil molecules to penetrate inside your body and reach the organs through the blood vessels. The oil molecules interact with the organs and resolve your issues.
You can do a relaxing body massage with essential oils for physiological and psychological gains.
As a general rule for essential oils massage, you should use about 10 to 15 drops of your oil and 25 drops of carrier oils like almond oil or shea butter oil.
You can also add a few drops in warm water and compress it on your body with a cloth or add a few drops in your bath.
For high blood pressure, you can apply the mix around the heart area, and the pressure points on the left foot and hand.
You can also use essential oils internally which can be a very efficient method for treatment, but we do not recommend it unless you have a
professional with you. High quantity of essential oils can damage your body instead of treatment.

What essential oils lower blood pressure?

Ylang Ylang essential oil

Ylang Ylang is obtained from the steam distillation of the ylang-ylang tree flowers. It is usually used as a cosmetic product for smooth skins and thick hair. Two of the main benefits are lowering blood pressure and strengthening the nervous system.

Cedarwood essential oil

The essence of cedarwood is extracted through steam distillation of pieces of wood from the cedarwood tree. As a diuretic, cedarwood essential oil can help to reduce high blood pressure and other toxins in the blood. Young children and pregnant women should avoid this essential oil because of its toxicity.

Geranium essential oil

Geranium is obtained from the leaves and stems of (Pelargonium odorantissimum), and it will help lower your blood pressure. Before using it mix it with a carrier oil or water, don’t apply it directly on the skin.
If you are pregnant or, a nursing mother do not use it because it can influence certain hormone secretions.

Lavender essential oil

The essential oil is extracted from lavender which has distinctive purple flowers and silver/green foliage. It has many applications, and one of them is to maintain normal blood pressure levels.

Sandalwood essential oil

The essence of sandalwood is extracted from the matured wood of the sandalwood tree. It is used to lower high blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

Cassia essential oil

Cassia cinnamon is extracted from an evergreen tree that grows in Asia.
It is mostly used for treating high blood pressure, menopausal symptoms and menstrual problems.

Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense is extracted from the resin of the frankincense tree. It is mainly used for focus and concentration, but it is also proven to be beneficial for high blood pressure.

Clary Sage essential oil

Clary Sage oil is known for its therapeutic properties and also as a blood pressure regulator.

Helichrysum essential oil

I love this oil because it has a strong fruity smell. It can be used for high blood pressure and to strengthen your immune system.

Marjoram essential oil

This essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from the marjoram plant. Marjoram is antioxidant and vitamin rich and also helps with high blood pressure.

5 Easy Essential Oil Recipes To Lower Blood Pressure

Recipe 1


1. Marjoram essential oil – 2 drops
2. Lavender essential oil – 2 drops
3. Apricot carrier oil – 15 drops

How to use

Mix all the ingredients together and massage your body especially around your heart area.

Recipe 2 for high blood pressure and blood circulation


1. Goldenrod essential oil – 2 drops
2. Cyprus esential oil – 1 drop
3. Marjoram essential oil – 3 drops
4. Primrose carrier oil – 1 tablespoon

How to use

Mix all the ingredients together and apply on the chest, upper back, and calves.

Recipe 3


1. Frankincense essential oil – 2 drops
2. Ylang-Ylang essential oil – 1 drop
3. Bergamot essential oil – 1 drop
4. Coconut carrier oil – 2 drops

How to use

Mix the frankincense, ylang-ylang, and bergamot together and then mix the combination with the coconut carrier oil. Massage onto your body in the evening after your shower. It will help you relax and sleep well.

Recipe 4


1. Bergamot essential oil – 3 drops
2. Lavender essential oil – 2 drops
3. Ylang Ylang essential oil – 2 drops

How to use

Add steaming hot water in a small bowl. Place 3 drops of the blend in the hot water and mix. Place a towel over your head and inhale for about 3 minutes.

Recipe 5


1. Ylang Ylang essential oil – 5 drops
2. Lavender essential oil – 5 drops
3. Marjoram essential oil – 5 drops
4. Clary sage essential oil – 5 drops
5. Macadamia nut or almond carrier oil – 25 ml

How to use

Mix all the ingredients together and massage on the chest and heart area.

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